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Previously, I posted a transcript of a conversation I had with Dr. Craig S. Wright. I was interviewing the man…

Interviewing Dr. Craig Wright for CCN A few months ago, I started to notice what I thought was an imbalance…

When I first approached Dr. Craig S. Wright’s team for an interview with him on behalf of CCN, they were…

I’m a dumb blonde. I admit it. Anyone else out there feel like they’re not smart enough to understand what’s…

How much do you really know about the prominent blockchain figures – like John McAfee and Craig Wright – who…

If you work in blockchain and you’re in a relationship, chances are good that you have trouble talking to your SO about your work life. She may not understand, so help her! This photo is of me and my bf after he got me into crypto. It’s Halloween and I’m dressed as Satoshi while he’s Vitalik. These costumes were my idea.

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