How to Get Your Girlfriend Interested in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and it’s underlying blockchain technology have the potential to revolutionize just about every aspect of life as we know it. That’s probably why you became interested in the first place, right? That, and the potential to earn lots of money by mining, investing in, and/or trading cryptocurrencies have attracted millions of people from around the world. But unless your girlfriend works in finance or technology, she probably isn’t among them. 

Recently, Twitter personality American Hodl tweeted about how his wife doesn’t understand when he talks about what’s going on in cryptocurrency. This illustrates the need for this blog post.

Maybe that’s because few people in crypto make an effort to explain blockchain in a way that women will understand. But that statement is a problem in an of itself. How can one explain blockchain in a way that women will understand when not all women are the same? I’m a woman, and I understand it. Amber Baldet, Laura Chin, Crystal Rose, and many other women understand it much better even than many men who work in the space. Instead of focusing on how to get morewomen interested in blockchain then, it makes sense to shift focus to how to get yourwoman interested in blockchain/cryptocurrency if only for your own self-interest.

If you’re a man in blockchain, chances are pretty good that you eat, sleep, and breathe it. You may even work in blockchain andhave another blockchain-related hobby or side-hustle. But if your girlfriend or wife doesn’t understand what you do all day or why you love this crazy little thing called blockchain, you might struggle to relate with her and home life could be less fulfilling than you’d like. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for getting your girlfriend or wife interested in cryptocurrency to maximize your relationship ROI: 

(I apologize in advance to anyone in a same sex or gender-free relationship. I’m not trying to exclude you, but I wrote this for men in heterosexual relationships. I love everyone).

Step One: Tell Her That This is Important to You

If love is a battlefield, you’re playing to win! Follow these simple steps and you’ll get what you want every time. Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay 

First, you’re going to have to do something that many men are really bad at. You’re going to have to communicate very clearly. Tell her that you’d like to talk to her about something that really matters to you. Chances are good that if you’ve been with this woman for awhile, she’s heard you rant about “blockchain this” or “crypto that” several times and learned to tune you out. Thus, to ensure that she listens now, you need to get her attention and set some intentions. 

Once you have her attention, explain why it’s so important to you. Everyone has different reasons for getting involved in blockchain, but if you’re so heavily involved that it impacts your daily life and/or mood, chances are good that you’re financially (and emotionally) tied to the price of crypto. So tell her why that matters to her. Even if she’s a modern and independent woman with her own career and her own finances on-lock, you’re a man, and your desire to be able to provide is strong. If you can’t, regardless of how much money she makes, you will never be emotionally available for her. So just give it to her straight. Tell her that your financial future depends on cryptocurrency and that you expect it to be wildly successful. You can also explain how financial stability enables some things that she might want for your future together like traveling, buying a home, and potentially settling down, getting married, and having a family. To do this you’ll need to tailor your pitch to your girlfriend’s specific desires since all women don’t want the same things. Have faith in yourself; you can do it!  If you listen when she talks, you already know what she wants for her future. (Hint: If you don’t listen when she talks, you can’t count on her to listen when you talk either. So, if this is your problem, you’re going to need to do some work before you can even introduce this conversation). 

This really isn’t as frightening as it might sound. Chances are good that if she knows that something matters to you, she won’t ignore it or ridicule you. She is in a relationship with you after all, and that means that she cares about you. If you tell her very directly that you’d like her to have a better base level understanding about blockchain (or anything else that matters to you), so that you can talk about it with her occasionally, she should listen and take it to heart. 

Step Two: Tell Her that Blockchain Was Designed to Dismantle the Patriarchy

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re a crypto investor, which means there’s an 80% likelihood you’re male and between 24-45 years old, and you live near an urban coast. So you’re girlfriend probably grew up being told that women can take on the world. You just need to remind her. Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay 

If she doesn’t bail once you’ve told her that your financial stability is tied to one of the most volatile and speculative assets in history, your next step will be to give her a history lesson: the history of blockchain and revolution. Remember, although many men may only gain initial interest in crypto because it can make them money, your girlfriend is not a man. If you’re going to sell her on the idea of crypto, you’re going to have to approach it differently. 

The next time you talk about crypto with your girlfriend, try rewinding your discussion. Forget the future for a minute and try talking about the past instead. Tell your girlfriend (or wife) about Satoshi and her grand vision for the future. Here’s a good narrative for you: 

Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity no one knows, founded Bitcoin to undermine the central banking system and make it easier (and cheaper) to send money across international borders. The central banking system has for generations made a few people – mostly men who were rich to begin with – even richer on the backs of the people who barely make enough to get by and pay enormous fees to send money home to their families who live in even worse conditions in the developing world. If creating a technology and a currency to undermine the banking industry isn’t an attempt to start a revolution, I don’t know what is. 

If she’s still listening and engaged, as I suspect she will be, talk about the important role women have played in the history of revolutions, and how today, women can play more active roles. Yet, women still account for only about 6% of the crypto community. Whether you think the gender divide in the nascent technology industry is important or not, your girlfriend might. So, ask her: “Do you think given the chance, Martha Washington would have sat on the sidelines while her husband went off to form a new world?” No way! So, you ask her, why is she sitting on the sidelines now? Isn’t this something she should at least have some vague interest in? Satoshi, who some claim is female, designed bitcoin, and all cryptocurrencies by the transitive property, to dismantle and undermine an oppressive system in which some parties have a distinct advantage over others. Women should be more equally represented in the financial revolution; this revolution. And hopefully, your girlfriend will agree. 

In fact, recently I was talking about this with Dan Cunningham, Managing Partner of Menagerie Investments, a seed-stage VC with significant investments in female-founded companies. We were discussing the unequal ratio of women to men in blockchain and Dan said, “right now, women have the opportunity to gain significant economic ground by getting involved in blockchain early.” But by and large, we aren’t taking advantage of that opportunity.

Regardless of her skill set or ability to take an active role in the development of blockchain, you’ll probably at least have your girlfriend’s active attention by now. But to keep it, you’ll need to keep talking about aspects of blockchain that will interest her.

Step 3: Make it About Her, Duh!

What does it take to sell you on an idea? Probably you have to understand it, right? To understand something, you have to relate to it. Your girlfriend is no different. So to sell her on the idea of learning about crypto, you have to make it about her.
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 

Not all men are the same, and not all women are the same either. You probably became interested in cryptocurrency because it was related to something you were already into. Your girlfriend is no different. To keep her engaged and wanting to learn more about crypto/blockchain, you’ll need to identify some of her primary interests and then talk about how blockchain could impact them and her life by extension. 

Is your girlfriend into fashion? You could talk about blockchain and supply chain. Tell her about VeChain’s partnership with luxury fashion brands like Givenchy to equip bags with chips that enable buyers to verify the bags’ authenticity. Is she into astrology? She could use the stars to help you (and/or herself) determine when it’s a good time to buy or sell crypto. Even if you don’t believe it, this could be a good way to get her interested. “Currently, and until 2026,” you might say, “Uranus is in Taurus, which means there will be revolutionary innovations in the fields of finance, banking, climate, and agriculture among others. Blockchain has applications in all of those fields. The timing is perfect for crypto!”

Does she follow politics? Andrew Yang, a crypto advocate and Democrat, is running for president in 2020. Beyond that, blockchain could revolutionize the voting process, recording each vote on an immutable ledger to ensure that there is no tampering. Movies and/or television? The entertainment industry has embraced cryptocurrencies with mentions of Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and other cryptos in shows ranging from Billions and Silicon Valley to female audience-centric The Bold Type. Hollywood even made a feature length movie about the alleged death of Canadian entrepreneur and owner of Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Gerald Cotton, who mysteriously died in India with the only key to over $100 million. Wouldn’t it be nice if she understood the crypto references in the shows and movies she watches? Does she love to follow her friends and celebrities on social media? Blockchain is revolutionizing that industry too! Multiple new social media platforms run on blockchain technology, and you can actually earn free cryptocurrencies, which you can convert into dollars if you like, by utilizing them. Heck, even Facebook wants in on that action. Fitness? Marketing? Education? The list goes on forever. 

No matter what your girlfriend is into, there’s a Dapp for that. Combined, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be the revolution of our lifetimes. If you want your girlfriend, or wife, to get interested in cryptocurrency, all you need to do is let her know that it’s important to you and why, tell her that more women need to be involved in shaping the world of tomorrow, figure out what she’s into, and present her with the information in a relatable way. What happens after she gets into crypto and starts bombarding you with constant questions? I’ll have to leave that for another day… 😉

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