A Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

I’m a dumb blonde. I admit it.

Anyone else out there feel like they’re not smart enough to understand what’s going on with this whole blockchain cryptocurrency craze? It’s okay. This is a safe, judgement-free zone.

I’m talking to the non-tech, non-finance people who don’t know what GFI, ETF, or IoT stand for. If you don’t know the difference between ETH and ETC (or understand why you should care) – this blog is for you.

Smart people are saying that blockchain technology – which underlies cryptocurrencies – will revolutionize money, business, and ultimately change the world. So why is knowledge about how blockchain works (or what it even is) reserved for the world’s tech geeks, whiz kids, and finance magnates?

It’s because those tech geeks, whiz kids, and finance magnates are the people who understand it, and they’re the ones writing about it. They fill their pages with jargon, with the possible hope that people like me (and maybe you), won’t ever bother to decode them. If we don’t, we’ll never understand the system enough to overthrow it. For centuries, knowledge has been the key difference seperating the world’s rulers from those they rule. So, if blockchain is really going to change the world, it needs to be accompanied by a redistribution of knowledge, a resurrection of critical thought, and a revival of understanding about what underlies the technology that underlies cryptocurrency. And it needs to be written for the dumb blondes of the world like me, and maybe you.

Still Interested?

Good. I apologize for saying that you’re not smart enough to understand blockchain technology earlier. You are! Just nothing you’ve heard or read about it so far has resonated with you. I hope that’s about to change.

Maybe you’re like me and your significant other is obsessed with cryptocurrency, and you just want to gain a little better understanding of what he or she is always talking about. Maybe you are a geek who wants to explain blockchain in a way your non-fintech girlfriend will understand. Perhaps you’d like to make money by investing in cryptocurrency, but first you need to understand how it works and/or why its value fluctuates. Or maybe you’re just tired of not knowing what in the heck this blockchain thing that people are always talking about is.

Does that sound like you? If so, great! If not, you might want to consider reading my article: “What is a Blockchain & Why Should I Care?” (scheduled for June 4, 2019).

OMG! Can Someone Dumb it Down for me, Please?!

In the few years I’ve spent learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency, I’ve been unceasingly alienated from this system that I’ve grown to love by a complicated technical jargon that grows by the day. How can I possibly understand what cryptocurrency is when I don’t know a single-damn thing about finance or how money works?

I decided to teach myself about all of this stuff. To do so, I started asking my boyfriend and other fintech-minded people the kinds of questions that drive industry people CRAZY. You know the kind I’m talking about, right? They’re very similar to questions you might hear a child asking his or her mom about how the world works. Next, I tested my comprehension by trying to explain blockchain to my own young child to see what she could understand and what still needed clarification. I figured that if I couldn’t explain it to her, I didn’t really know what I was talking about. I wish someone had taken that approach with me!

In simplifying the heck out of the little I knew about money, finance, systems of control, and cryptocurrency, I gained a much better understanding of it all. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with blockchain. I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with others who might also feel alienated by the overly-complicated rhetoric that always seems to accompany words like “crypto” and “blockchain” in conversation; but how?

It’s all so complicated! Professionals from many fields come together to form this one very specialized and focused arena called blockchain. There are philosophers, politicians, psychonauts, financiers, computer developers, economists, cryptographers, lawyers, and many more – all arguing about blockchain. How can I try to relate such a complicated subject matter to an audience that isn’t naturally inclined towards it when even the audience who is can’t agree?

I came up with “A Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Blockchain Technology.” I hope it will help some people understand what blockchain and cryptocurrency are, and how they differ from our current system.

Let me know how I’m doing in the comments below and on social media. And please, be kind. Remember, there’s a human on the other end of your keyboard!

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